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Happy new year!

Good party grok_mctanys.

Was great to see you all and catch up :)



Just in case...

There are any of you lot who don't see facebook, or follow twoaf on LJ:

Thurs: Work was pretty frustrating today, so I didn't climb and instead came home and played a load of Rocksmith. That was pretty fun.
Friday: lilith_k got home from Newcastle today so in the evening we had Sakushi takeaway (sadly without the little takeaway boxes which actually impacted on the enjoyment a little) and watched a lot of Trueblood series three!
Sat: Day 3 of the New Eden Open in Eve. Make lots more cash, and then stopped up late watching more True Blood. I was supposed to be going to Cis's party, but the tournament didn't wrap up until 5mins before lilith_k got back from the party! It would have felt wrong to go our when she'd just got in, so I stayed in for more True Blood :D

It means to Missed out on dinner, but supplemented it with most of a large packet of rich tea biscuits, and almost an entire loaf of home made bread. #fatass!

Sun: Similar to Saturday really. I didn't go climbing as I decided I should rest a bit to try and recharge the enthusiasm. Instead I made more bread (as we'd eaten all of it yesterday....), my mum popped over for a chat (and stole bread) and then looked after Day 4 of the Tournament. Oh, then more true blood... Oh, and Pizza and garlic bread and FREE garlic bread because the garlic bread took us over the free garlic bread barrier. So, I ate 9 nine inch pizzas. Fat ones too. #fatass-to-the-max!

100 Days of Good Things: Thirty Three

Sunday: erm.

Monday: er.

I'm not really very good at this :/

Tuesday: Today was Funeral Day, which although isn't a good thing was lovely to see so many people who had come out to say goodbye/celebrate someone's life. THere were a lot of people. It was also really nice to see Elaine who I hadn't talked to for years. Still bonkers..

Wednesday: nothing. Oh, apart from seeing these Abba remixes....


100 Days of Good Things: Thirty Two

Ahhh Saturday.

Had a little sleep in, then did some climbing at the Foundry. Was ok, but my brain was a little mushy so was a bit uncoordinated!

Then in the evening I was supporting Monocle Madness for the first day of the New Eden Alliance Tournament. The pools were consistently over 2-3billion per match. This is amazing for the first day.

I might be very space-rich at the end of this!

100 Days of Good Things: Thirty One

Spent this evening finishing up changes to the Monocle Madness site for the new tournament this weekend. Oh, and I paid my cheque in :D

100 Days of Good Things: Thirty

Spent a few minutes today thinking my tax rebate was actually twice as large as the cheque made out... that would have been really really awesome, but turned out to be not the case. Still the chat to the tax people was actually really easy and pleasant, so despite not having a double mini windfall, it was still good!

Not much else of note really. I had a"pasta 'n sauce" sachet for dinner. Sounds nasty, but I actually quite like them! Been years and years since I'd have one!

100 Days of Good Things: Twenty Nine

Got a letter through the post today from the Tax office. Tax rebate for 2k! Christ. That IS good!

Also, had a chat with a (non twoaf) musician. They were... interested. Wow, something might actually happen.